KALTBLUT Magazine stands for a limitless symbiosis between art, photography, fashion, music and media. The theme of every issue works as a platform for artists to showcase their personal interpretations and point of view.

By adopting this concept KALTBLUT hopes to break free from all traditional conventions and frames and allow an unhinged and borderless unfolding of creativity. Marked by the Internet generation we have opted first for an online magazine format, aiming at achieving the fastest and most global connection between artists and readers. In order to address our target group – the lifestyle interested cosmopolitan- in a proper way, our issues are released every 3-4 months in English. Our purpose is to create a thorough insight into every theme we go for, without pros and cons and without falling victim to social restraints. We don’t care about condemning but we care about providing our readers with an eye-opening experience instead.

A magazine for Art, Fashion, and Media! Based in Berlin by Marcel Schlutt and team. www.kaltblut-magazine.com