Interection, a project by Carolyne Teston

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer Carolyne Teston teamed up with set designer Annika Fischer and model Kayla Janowitz to create Interection. This project focuses on the dichotomy between adoring the city and still desperately yearning for nature and freedom. Body positive artist and model Kayla Janowitz expresses these feelings through movement and interaction with objects. Earrings by  Melati Malay.

Kayla Janowitz is a tattoo artist and model. Aside from this, some of Kayla’s most recent modelling work includes projects with Petra Collins and Ryan McGinley. Carolyne Teston is a photographer based in NYC. She specialises in digital and film photography, her work focuses on portraiture, still life, and fashion. Annika Fischer is an NYC based set designer and prop stylist. She is an enthusiast of using any type of outlet or resources to fulfil specific visions. Creating sets and making unique props to suit a mood or scene is her goal. Melati Malay is jeweller and musician (from Young Magic). Much of her inspiration comes from music and travelling. Each piece she makes is named after a composer.

Model is Kayla Janowitz (@phostrated)
Photographer is Carolyne Teston (@__carolyne__)
Set designer is Annika Fischer (@anniirose)
Earrings by  Melati Malay (@arpeggionyc)

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