A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Photography by Kamilla Musland. Model is Jesse signed to Azalea Models. Styling by Mette Pors. Hair and make up by Chloe Rose. “I’m originally from Norway but have been living in Melbourne for the past 4 years where I studied photography at RMIT. From a young age I had a passion for traveling which is what lead me to photography; when I went backpacking after high school in the years of 2011/12. I then went on to studying something completely different before I decided to take the big step to move to Melbourne and try out photography as something more than just a hobby. My goal in life is to work as a full time fashion photographer, hopefully before I reach 30. Things and people who inspire me at the moment are Petra Collins, Gadir Rajab & cool things on the internet. ” says the photographer. 

Photography: Kamilla Musland @kamillamusland
Stylist: Mette Pors @mettepors
HMUA: Chloe Rose @xs.rose
Model: Jesse @jesse_wall_
Model Agency: Azalea Models @azaleamodels

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