‘Mundos’ The Psychedelic Meditation by Katarzyna Glinka

An interview with Katarzyan Glinka. The artist from Warsaw/Poland, presents to KALTBLUT her Psychedelic illusions and leads us to join the way how she discovers the world. Through the patterns spinning with the vivid colors. Katarzyna transformed her art works into a new meditation experience.

KALTBLUT: Who are you,  where are you from, and what do you focus on with your art works?

KG: My name is Katarzyna Glinka, I’m artist and fashion designer from Warsaw, Poland. My artistic works mainly refer to paintings and illustrations. I recently graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. I had individual exhibitions in Madrid and Łódź, I am also laureate of the contest ‘Strzemiński The Fine Arts’ in The Center of art Promotion in Łódź. In addition to these achievements I also had few group exhibitions.

A great impact on my works had the experience of staying in hospital, as well as numerous travels. Besides that I am inspired by people and situations that I have been through. Series of my paintings on paper and oil painting canvases are an attempt of documenting fading moments in life. They represent imaginary visions, thoughts and interpretations of reality. My artworks are kind of diary and an attempt to deal with these moments. Paintings, like the pages of a diary, have become a record of passed moments.

KALTBLUT: Your art works always contain psychedelic illusion, what is the reason make you create the vision like that?

KG: Since I was a kid I did paintings more or less similar to the ones that I make now. This is the way I see the world. It’s a better version of the real one. Every each of my artworks are a different story that I have a lot to say about. I want people to look deeply in my paintings, to meditate, think and forget about the world that surrounds us. I want them to lose themselves in my illusions. I want people to see the world with my eyes.

KALTBLUT: What is your inspiration for your works?

KG: Inspirations for my works are situations that I experienced. My paintings are kind of diary. I’m like a writer but the difference is that I paint my stories. The biggest impact on my works had cancer surgery in the end of 2015. During this period I stayed a lot of times in a hospital. That was the time when I stared my series “Mundos”. I wanted to show how I felt, what the place like hospital looks like for a young person. Despite all the bad things that happened, my paintings contain both feelings: negative and positive. I wanted to look at my current situation from the bright side, get inspired by people, shapes and colours in a hospital which are completely different than in “normal world”. I want to show people that there is always a better side from every situation. The other big impact on my art is travelling. After my stay in the hospital I moved to Madrid for half a year, then I started to draw people, everyday life situations and interesting places. That is the other half of my series “Mundos”.

KALTBLUT: What does ‘Mundos’ mean for your painting project? What’s the story?

KG: I came up with this title during my stay in Madrid. “Mundos” in Spanish means “Worlds”. I start with an idea that the perception of the reality of each individual constitutes a different world. We are different, we see the world in a different way. It conducts an exploration of the different worlds that coexist in the same time in space, I’m interested in the relations that are created between them: the possibility of communication and connection, or incompatibility and difficulty for a dialogue to occur. All the people are like a small worlds that affects each other.

I invite people to take a walk through the small worlds of paintings that make up my world. I show my particular vision of where the limit is between objectivity and subjectivity. The correspondence between people and our worlds.

KALTBLUT: Are those colors combination relate to the emotion of the story?

KG: Colours always reflects my current feelings while making my artworks. As I said, I want to show the bright side of every situation, so even if the painting shows really pessimistic feelings, they are still bright and colourful. I think it also reflects my personality, I always try to stay positive.

KALTBLUT: Which artist influence you the most?

KG: There are several artists who I admire but their artworks don’t affect my paintings.

I try not to be inspired by any of artist. I want to make my own, unique art, straight from my soul and heart. I don’t analyse much while working because I trust my intuition, I only want my emotions to be shown.

KALTBLUT: What is your upcoming new project?

KG: Recently I started transferring my works on the large canvas sizes (around 120 cm x 120 cm). I want to make an exhibition where my small “diary” paintings confront the huge ones.

So I can see how the people react to one or another.

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Interview by by Yu-Liang Liu

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