A One To Watch label from ModaLisboa FW 17/18 Sangue Novo! May I introduce you to Rita Afonso and her collection: I AM A VASE, BUT I SCREAM.Rita Afonso was born in Oporto, in 1983. In 2007, she graduated in Architecture from FAUP, The Faculty of Architecture of Oporto. In 2014, she graduated in Fashion Design from the Modatex school. During the fashion course, she won the Fashion Hub for Guimaraes 2012, a fashion price that gave her the opportunity to show her work as UMAPALMEIRA at the Somerset House, during the London Fashion Week. The collection “I am a vase, but I scream” intends to pay homage to all women in history that had to use their voices and scream for their rights. Specially those that wanted to be artists and were only allowed to practice the so called minor arts. Watch the full runway show below.

Clarisse Lispector once said: “If I have to be an object, let me be one that screams”. The collection screams for the still nature paintings, the weaving art and for all the fruits and vases that replaced the breasts, the legs and the naked bodies of the major arts. Watch out for Rita Afonso, she is one of the biggest talents from Portugal.

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