Slow is The Experience

Bar III (suit) – Bowenero (harness) – American Apparel (turtle neck)

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Photography by Taner Tumkaya aka Model is Satoshi @ LA Models. Styling by Ricky Prasad using fashion by This is a Love Son, Calvin Klein, Dickies, adidas, Digby Jackson, PSKaufman amongst others. Grooming by Christopher Miles.

TanerTumkaya_slowistheexperience (1)

This is a Love Song (top) – Calvin Klein (underwear) – Sorel (boots) *all plastic items designed by Taner Tumkaya

TanerTumkaya_slowistheexperience (2) TanerTumkaya_slowistheexperience (3)
Bar III (blazer) – Dickies (jumpsuit) – PSKaufman (boots)

TanerTumkaya_slowistheexperience (5)
Genevieve Clifford (top) – Calvin Klein (underwear) – Digby Jackson (shoulder pads) -Sorel (boots)

TanerTumkaya_slowistheexperience (6)
Forever 21 (jacket) – Lacoste (sweat pants) – PSKaufman(boots)

TanerTumkaya_slowistheexperience (8)
Bar III (suit) – Bowenero (harness) – PSKaufman (boots) – American Apparel (turtle neck)

TanerTumkaya_slowistheexperience (10)
INC (jeans) – Sorel (Boots)

TanerTumkaya_slowistheexperience (11) TanerTumkaya_slowistheexperience (12)
Bowenero (harness) – Ami club wear (skirt) – Adidas (sneakers)

TanerTumkaya_slowistheexperience (13)
Krammer&Stoudt (coat) – Adidas (sneakers)

TanerTumkaya_slowistheexperience (7)

Forever 21 (jacket) – Lacoste (sweat pants)

Photography: Taner Tumkaya IG: tarfilms
Styling: Ricky Prasad IG: badpeoplebadfashion
Grooming: Christopher Miles IG: cmilesmakeup
Model: Satoshi @ LA Models IG: satoshi_toda
Styling Assistant: Paige Bittner IG: paigebittner
Production Assistant: Naomi Montes IG: naomi.montes

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