Мало Огня! Featuring Stas Tweeman and Vladyslav Putistin

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. “Мало Огня” [malo ognya] translates “not enough fire” what means – “do more, feel more, live more, love more”. The concept is very simple “here & now”. Мало Огня – wear for casual life and in same time for parties and business meeting depends with what you will combine it. Designers are Stas Tweeman and Vladyslav Putistin. Photography by Dmitry Komissarenko. Style by Irina Polieshchuk. Models are Anton Herasymov, Dima Babenko, Sergii Bakai and Diana Kim. Make Up by Anastasia Leonova.

“The main idea behind the shoot of “Мало Огня” was to show our pieces in their primeval, to underline the colors and minimalism, without paying attention to the superfluous entourage. There’s only a man and his garments.”

Designers are Stas Tweeman @tweeman and Vladyslav Putistin @vputistin

Photography by Dmitry Komissarenko @dmitrykomissarenko

Style by Irina Polieshchuk @laboheeme

Make Up by Anastasia Leonova @leon_mua

Models: Anton Herasymov @anton_herasymov,  Dima Babenko @dmitriy_klap, Sergii Bakai @_bakai, Diana Kim @mimikimdi