1 of 1 by Suzannah Gabriel

Suzannah Gabriel is a mixed-media practitioner whose work focuses on women, self-esteem and body image. Suzannah is also a portrait, fashion, and behind-the-scenes photographer. 1 of 1 is a photography project created for The Everyday and The Epic unit on the MA Fashion Photography course at London College of Fashion. 1 of 1 connotes individuality of the creative women within the project, alongside the fact that the images are prints so there is only one, therefore it cannot be easily replicated.
Suzannah interviewed and then photographed 9 creative women ranging from MUA to Stylists to Models to Photographers. The women’s bodies have been completely unretouched, and no MUA or Stylist was on board. Suzannah wanted the women to come as they are, as this would have been a stronger representation of who they are. The project combines photography and embroidery. All of the images in 1 of 1 have been hand-stitched by Suzannah.
Photographer & Artist Suzannah Gabriel
Instagram: @suzzyparlaa
Elena – Instagram: @_elena_black_witch_
Olga – Instagram: @ktvska
Alice – Instagram: @alispelati
Claire-Marie – Instagram: @cm.jpeg
Xenia – Instagram:@smug_poultry
Julia – Instagram: @juliasamusic
Martinda – Instagram: @styledbymartinda