2. BUKETT SESSION – 29.03.2023 at Badehaus Berlin

“The focus here is on solidarity, equality and intersectional values. And of course, a FLINTA-worthy power line-up that stands for precisely these values! BUKETT SESSIONS – the feminist and empowering FLINTA event series by faemm and Selective Artists – is entering the second round. After the successful first edition, where a large and happy Badehaus audience celebrated the artists and bands Kaleo Sansaa, Katha Pauer and Ikan Hyu – who incidentally delivered rousing sets – three FLINTA acts are in the starting blocks again: PRISMA ( DK), AKA KELZZ (UK/BLN) and LNA (Nbg).


But BUKETT SESSIONS aren’t just a showcase format, they are once again manifesting themselves as a meeting point between FLINTA newbies and experienced FLINTA people in the music industry: “Shout it from the rooftops, spread it in the clubs: Berlin has a new FLINTA series of events and it is everything we dreamed of!”

On 29.03. fæmm & Selective Artists invite you to the second edition of the FLINTA event at Badehaus to celebrate solidarity, support, fairness and justice in the local music scene live and in colour. Once again, the curators have booked an exciting line-up with PRISMA, AKA KELZZ & LNA.

Incidentally, the artist LNA from Nuremberg followed the open call and applied for the BUKETT SESSIONs – this type of transparent and direct support for FLINTA musicians is definitely a concern of the organizers. And not only on stage but also in front of it: guests from the broad music scene make the BUKETT SESSIONS again an interface between FLINTA’s young talents and experienced musicians.

Universe.com offers an extra discount for pupils, students, trainees and interns (please don’t forget your proof). Because that’s what it’s all about: Together we want to create a meeting place where FLINTA artists can strengthen each other, learn from each other and experience the support that often falls by the wayside in the structures of the cultural scene. Because FLINTA stands for women, lesbians, intersexual, non-binary, trans and agender people – i.e., those who are discriminated against because of their gender identity in a patriarchal society.

Tickets www.universe.com/events/bukett-sessions-tickets-QR8XM2



Einlass: 19 Uhr

Badehaus Berlin

Revalerstr. 99 l 10245 Berlin