7CIRCLE Triumphantly Returns with Oblivion EP

After a creative sabbatical, techno virtuoso 7CIRCLE has made a grand re-entry with his latest project, the Oblivion EP, under the banner of his imprint Destroy To Rebuild. April 12 witnessed the vinyl unveiling of this sonic gem, followed by its digital manifestation on April 23, resonating through the electronic music sphere with resounding acclaim.

The essence of the Oblivion EP is encapsulated in its ambition to leave an indelible impression, and to stand the test of time within the ever-evolving techno landscape. 7CIRCLE’s artistry comes to the forefront as he crafts auditory experiences that venture into uncharted territories, reaffirming his unwavering commitment to innovation.

“Twist Blade”, the lead track, is a powerhouse that captures the listener with pulsating drum sequences and razor-sharp percussions. This piece is a crescendo of energy, engineered to electrify dancefloors in an instant. Iconic producer Perc, a stalwart in the techno dominion, reconceptualizes “Twist Blade” with his blend of ferocious beats and raw, distorted synth work, all while preserving the dramatic breakdowns for an explosive effect.

The title track, “Oblivion”, delves into a mood that’s both shadowy and mesmerizing, capable of commanding the night’s peak or steering it towards a more thoughtful, meditative state. It’s designed to uncoil an intense musical tension, the kind that marks a memorable sunrise on the dance floor.

This much-anticipated release comes in a limited edition dirty-pink vinyl that is as visually stunning as it is acoustically pleasing, ensuring a treat for discerning connoisseurs of the genre. The Oblivion EP by 7CIRCLE isn’t just a musical release; it’s a statement, a testament to the timeless nature of true techno artistry.

A1. Twist Blade
A2. Oblivion

B1. Twist Blade (Perc Remix)
B2. Oblivion (In Verruf Remix)