A Book: Before FRANK by Charles Moriarty! An interview!

Before FRANK is a book of photographs that portray Amy Winehouse in the months leading up to the release of her debut album, FRANK. Shot exclusively by London based photographer Charles Moriarty, we get a true gimps of the icon that is Amy Winehouse before her destructive decline though drugs and alcohol abuse. We took a moment to talk to Charles about the Kickstarter and soon (fingers crossed) book.


KALTBLUT: Could you tell us in your own words a bit about the book and your relationship with Amy?
Charles Moriarty: Before Frank is a series of images taken in 2003 in both New York and London. Capturing, the first and third time Amy and I met, when we became friends. It is designed by the highly acclaimed Sybren Kuiper, and has a foreword by Oscar winning director Asif Kapadia. Before Frank is a personal memory; one that I’ve decided should be shared with the world.


KALTBLUT: Why did you wait till now to release the images?
Charles Moriarty: Last year after I saw a screening of Asif’s ‘Amy’, I was extremely moved. But I wanted people to remember Amy with a smile. To see the beautiful person I knew and photographed. The timing to release these photographs finally seemed right.

KALTBLUT: Do you have a favourite image?
Charles Moriarty: No, my thoughts on the body of work has changed over time, you have to remember I’ve been looking at them for 13 years on and off, my eye has changed, images I dismissed in my youth now seem to be more poignant.

Before Frank Press2 copy

KALTBLUT: Do you have a personal story about Amy?.
Charles Moriarty: There is a story that surrounds the work, and I talk about it at length in the book, but I’d rather people enjoyed it while looking at the images. Its pretty funny, as things in New York didn’t quite go as they were planned, but that’s all part of the adventure.

Before Frank by Charles Moriarty is available now on Kickstarter and needs your help to get published. Follow the link below to get your copy of the first edition.



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