A KALTBLUT exclusive. Art direction and styling by Davide Andreatta. Visuals by Midjourney. The editorial features Rick Owens, Hunter Schafer, Michael Gira, Arca, Yohji Yamamoto, Jenny Hval, Lingua Ignota, and Yves Tumor.

“Rick Owens gets punched in the face”

“A total absence of inner voices mediates every act of love. There is no sentence or syllable that escapes immediate transcription on stone: this capture is one of many examples of sacrifice. Blindness is its name.

The need to possess eyes is overrated. And an act of love cannot be registered by the vision. I still don’t know what organs are available to AI, but my senses (how many though?) tell me that she does not necessitate eyelids.

A declaration of love is constantly saturated with violence. That kind of violence contains multitudes. Multitudes that surround a portrait yet to be created and that need one to be freed from reality. AI is not here to help, she is generating strikes in time.”

“Hunter Schafer haemorrhage from their nose”

“Michael Gira’s face is assaulted by the void”

“Arca has two tongues”

“Yohji Yamamoto is melting into shadows”

“Jenny Hval wants to sing like a continuous echo of splitting hymens”

“Lingua Ignota is heaven’s coma”

“Yves Tumor are renting your dreams subletting them to strangers”

Art direction and styling by Davide Andreatta / Instagram: @base.materialism

Visuals by Midjourney / www.midjourney.com

Feat.: Rick Owens / www.rickowens.eu / Instagram: @rickowensonline
Hunter Schafer / Instagram: @hunterschafer
Michael Gira / younggodrecords.com / Instagram: @swans_official
Arca / arca1000000.com / Instagram: @arca1000000
Yohji Yamamoto / www.yohjiyamamoto.co.jp / Instagram: @yohjiyamamotoofficial
Jenny Hval / jennyhval.com / Instagram: @jennyhval
Lingua Ignota / Instagram: @lingua_ignota
Yves Tumor / yvestumor.komi.io / Instagram: @yvestumor

Brands used are: Rick Owens, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Yohji Yamamoto, D’heygere, Ann Demeulemeester
Instagram name of each brand: @rickowensonline @newbottega @balenciaga @yohjiyamamotoofficial @d_heygere @anndemeulemeester_official