A Fashion Photographic Project Part 5 – ROOMS

Introducing the photography project by Al Sarcoli (MA Fashion Photography at the University for the Creative Arts). Based in the UK. Part 5: ROOMS!

ROOMS is a project about the concept of private life and how any hotel can be the metaphorical representation of the private rooms of a society.

The meaning of the private life can be found inside any hotel: a couple of elderly people, a father with his children, a young couple who has decided to spend the honeymoon in a hotel, someone who travel constantly from one point to another…

A hotel is a brief meeting point where human beings find peace of mind… An ephemeral peace of mind amidst the bustle of society.

Inspired by the sci-fi cinema of John Carpenter and David Cronenberg, I decided to add an abject element to break the harmony of the classical portrait. The abject, the shaving foam in this case, is something that we do not recognize as a thing because is not part of that quotidian universe. 

The Adults Sisters

Two sisters, who have not seen each other for a long time, have decided to meet up in a hotel room to take a cup of coffee and have a conversation.

The Honeymoon Couple

A young couple has decided to spend the honeymoon in a hotel room to celebrate their mutual love.

The Lone Runner

A staff reduction expert rests thoughtfully on a bed after several plane trips. He would love to be playing golf right now.

The Family Man

A novice father is a bit overwhelmed by his new family situation. Something like that was not expected.

The Youth 

Four teenage boys have decided to stay in a hotel room to explore their sexual awakenings. VHS and cassettes uphold the fun.

The Murder

A woman and a man meet in a room to make a transaction. Unexpectedly, the woman holds a gun and the man lies dead on the bed.

Creative Direction & Photography by Al Sarcoli / cargocollective.com/alsarcoli/ROOMS / Instagram: @alsarcoli
Photographic Assistant is Suppaphol Prachumpon / Instagram: @aex_innoz

The Adult Sisters

Models are Caroline Bozier and Diana Knowler  / NO INSTAGRAM

The Honeymoon Couple

Model is Siraya Simms-Walker / Instagram: @honeygoldenblonde

Model is Tobi Ibikunle / Instagram: @tokeyy    

The Lone Runner

Model is Al Sarcoli / Instagram: @alsarcoli

The Family Man  

Model is Joe Earley / Instagram: @joeearleyjournal   

The Youth

Model is Jack Price / Instagram: @jack1_price

Model is Anthony Lim / Instagram: @jun666jie 

Model is Josh Cadette / Instagram: @josh_cadette

Model is Juanjo Estany / Instagram: @jean_est    

The Murder

Model is Kat Wanderlust / Instagram: @_katwanderlust 

Model is Coby Shay  / NO INSTAGRAM