A NEW ERROR, the third collection from independent latex brand Studio FCLX, is an interpretation of life emerging through the pandemic; a life which brings new hope whilst battling the constant challenges and uncertainty created by covid.

A NEW ERROR is a video game concept which takes place in a Utopian alternative universe fighting today’s uncertainties, battles and representing a new reality of strengths and superpowers.  Based on a video game, each model represents a unique player with different features, powers and skills. By building up the players identity the styling process went hand in hand.

A repeated design element is the ruffled shaped latex as well as the marble effects as a colour option for most of the pieces. The focus was highlighting the handmade latex sheets which are all made by hand. Every pattern is unique and made to order. The colour palette ranges from metallic colours to the core FCLX white, black and red, as well as some playful options like the pink/blue marble and yellow/green marble pieces. 

Another important element was the lacing used on the bodies, tights, collars and gloves which enabled the sizing in the collection to be standardised and accommodate a wider size range. In addition, many of the pieces have adjustable elements such as belts, strings, and buckles which allow the customer to adjust to their unique proportions. 

By selecting your pieces, you can channel the player’s superpowers and bring them to life in your own reality. 

Studio FCLX is an independent latex clothing brand based in London. Born in the warehouse community of Hackney wick 2019, the brand represents handmade, gender fluid, and sustainable latex clothing with a focus on unique, one off designs. Inspired by fetish wear and queer culture, Studio FCLX aims to empower identities outside of society’s gender constructs.   

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