A new Queering Luxury

KALTBLUT presents a new collection celebrating queer bodies as the archetypal muse has been released by designer, jeweller and artist Nikita Majajas of Doodad + Fandango. Photography by Liz Ham. Models are Dan, Mia and Basjia. Styling by Kirsty Barros. Hair by Hiwette Kelex. Makeup by Tina Matti.

ALL JEWELLERY BY Doodad + Fandango @doodad_and_fandango

In the Byzantine Empire, jewellery played an important role. It acted as a way to express one’s status. This collection sees queer bodies as the quintessential muse, redefining who has ownership over the queer body, and reimagining our idea of luxury or who has access to luxury. A new Queering Luxury.

Photography by Liz Ham / www.lizham.com / Instagram: @lizhamdotcom
Styling by Kirsty Barros / www.kirstybarros.com / Instagram: @kirstybarros
Hair by Hiwette Kelex / Instagram: @hiwettekelexhair
Makeup by Tina Matti / www.tinamattiartistry.com / Instagram: @tinamattiartistry

Dan / Instagram: @dan_azzo
Mia / Managed by @bellamanagement / Instagram: @succubusmami
Basjia / Managed by @bellamanagement / Instagram: @basjia

Fashion Brands used are:

ALL JEWELLERY BY Doodad + Fandango @doodad_and_fandango

Clothing: Youkhana @youkhana__ / Tom Anderson @tomandersno / Poppy Lissiman @poppylissiman / Nicol and Ford @nicolandford / Bulley Bulley @bulleybulleylabel / Camilla @camillawithlove / Edgeley @ms_edgeley / Alice McCall @alicemccallptyltd / HÅRLEM @atelierharlem / KCB @kcb_fashion_designer / Gun Shy @gun_shy_design /