A Taste Of Happiness In The WEHO House – Raouf Marzouki

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Raouf is a photographer based in New York. This story, A taste of Happiness In the WEHO House, was shoot with stunning model Derek Tolnai. Production and casting by Les Artists Boutique LLC .

“When I first moved to the U.S. from Belgium, I lived in Los Angeles. Specifically, West Hollywood, or “WeHo” as the kids call it now, makes it sound really trendy. Speaking of really trendy, in 2001, I moved to Brooklyn, but I come back to visit LA as often as possible. On one of those trips this past July, I was hanging out at the Abbey. It was hot and steamy, as was the weather. Our waiter was gorgeous and he had the sweetest personality. I had to get him in front of my camera. I asked him if I could take his photos, we exchanged Instagram info, and set a date. I used my friend’s house – where I was staying, and where I have a deep sense of joy and comfort. This house is a dream home for me as an artist and specifically as a photographer – the house is facing north and the lighting is incredible. And that is why I decided to give the story its title.”



Photographer is Raouf marzouki – Instagram: @raoufphotosraoufphotographystudio.com
Model is Derek Tolnai Instagram: @derektolnai
Production and casting by Les Artists Boutique LLC .
Creative direction by Raouf