A Theatrical spectacle

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Sewon Jun. Art Direction by Roy Back. Styling by SangHyeok Lee. Hair & Makeup by Heley and Sooho Yoon. Model is Seunghoo Kim. Fashion by Xidozu, Young K, Missoni, Eum Studio, Dr Martens, Marben, Lemaire, Umbro, Nike, Zaspero.

Photography by Sewon Jun / www.hinkchistudio.com / Instagram: @swre_
Art Direction by Roy Back / www.royback.net / Instagram: @roy_back
Styling by SangHyeok Lee / www.imadeit4real.com / Instagram: @imadeit4real
Hair & Makeup by Heley Jung / Instagram: @makeup_heley
Hair & Makeup by Sooho Yoon / Instagram: @charmantsoiree
Model is Seunghoo Kim / Instagram: @shsh_ksh

Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea

Sewon Jun is an International Photographer who established herself in the Republic of Korea.
She’s been flying the USA, Canada pursuing the career of being a landscape photographer. In that period she also had a number of Exhibitions in the Republic of Korea.
Now she’s expanding Fashion and Still Life Photography with a very sophisticated sense of art in Republic of Korea. Here are some of the International Brands he has been working with; Louis Vuitton, Vedivero, Carven, Maison246, Lee jeans, Vogue, Heather Love, Zaspero, and National Brands Missue, Rational Objet, Pranksome, Moranyif Etc.

Art Director
Roy Back is an Art Director who has established himself in the Republic of Korea.
He worked as a successful Fashion Designer and Project Consultant in Hong Kong and the Philippines for years before coming back to Korea. In that period he also had a number of Fashion Exhibitions abroad, and gained relevant experience in the field of Art Direction.
He has now returned to the Republic of Korea as an Art Director and worked with various international brands including: Lee Jeans, Carven, Heather Love, Louis Vuitton, MCM, Singles, Metro, Watsons, Zaspero, Maison246 and Dr. Martens.

Sanghyeok Lee is a rising stylist with brilliant ideas. He creates unconventional fashion
based on large understandings of cultural industry. He’s also worked with diverse artists like
musicians, actors, dancers .etc.

Hair&Makeup Artist
Heley Jung is an experienced international fashion and Beauty makeup artist based in South Korea with clear understandings of fashion and beauty trends, editorials, movies , dramas , and commercial.
She is recognised for her unique ability to create special effects makeup, Flexibility, skill , creativity , communication, and interpersonal skills.
Seohee has worked as a makeup artist or hair stylist or both on a stunning array of editorials with Louis Vuitton, Vedivero, Hera , Hanyul, Makeup Forever, Snow , Lottee, JAJU, E-land , Elizabeth cosme1954 , bemuse, voxie lense and Vestal among many others
She continually refines her skills by experimenting with new styles and staying informed about the lastest trends around the world