Adventure by Nicholas Kristiansen

A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion editorial. Photography by Nicholas Kristiansen. Model is Reilee Cousins. Make up and assistance by Ceri Oxman. All fashion by Grace Kia and any Jewellery is model’s own. Nicholas Kristiansen is a 19 years old photographer who moved from Norway to study Fashion Photography at Falmouth University in the UK.

We are drawn into an adventure that explores femininity with masculinity, shapes, landscape and stereotypes.


Photography by Nicholas Kristiansen / /Instagram: @9kk0
Model is Reilee Cousins / Instagram: @r3ilee
Make up and assistance by Ceri Oxman / / Instagram: @cezzoxx
Assisted by Jesse Machin / Instagram: @jemfashionphotography

All Fashion Credits are by Grace Kia Graduate Collection 2017 / Instagram:
Each image’s clothing is all from Grace Kia and any Jewellery is model’s own.