AER Scents launches AER Accord No.07: Orris Root, a new perfume

AER Scents announces the launch of a new perfume called AER Accord No.07: Orris Root, a sophisticated modern natural perfume constructed around rare Orris resin from Tuscany, one of the most precious, expensive and iconic perfumery ingredients in the world.

Ted Young-Ing, AER Scents’ Creative Director, says “Accord No.07: Orris Root showcases our commitment to work with the best traditional perfume ingredients that we can find. Orris is the dried rhizome of the Florentine Iris flower. Our Tuscan Orris Root has been hand-harvested, then peeled by hand and sundried, and finally left to mature for several years in underground cellars in the Tuscan hills. The root bulbs are odourless when harvested. It’s only after three years of ageing that the Orris roots reveal their irresistible buttery, earthy, powdery scent.”

Like the root, AER’s new perfume took three years to develop. Finally ready to unveil, the fragrance is an olfactory celebration of the Violet-like powdery, almost chocolatey Orris. It’s almost feminine nature is given depth from traditionally masculine ingredients such as Vetyver from Haiti, Myrrh resin and Timut Pepper (which is actually a Sichuan pepper). Creamy Calamus Root imbues the perfume with a bold modern character.

Stefan Kehl, AER’s Head of Perfume, says of his creation: “I love the tension between the fresh almost minty coolness from the Nepeta and the soft warmth from the Orris. We balance that with a contrast between the rich leather aspect and expressive Vetyver highlight that make this perfume very special.”

Accord No.07: Orris Root joins the existing AER Scents range of six other modern natural perfumes. Like the other AER Scents perfumes, No.07: Orris Root is a 100% natural perfume made from sustainable plant-based ingredients, and blended by hand at the AER Atelier in Berlin.

AER Accord No.07: Orris Root will launch at Dover Street Perfume Market in Paris in March 2021, and then worldwide from April 2021. AER Accord No.07: Orris Root. 30 mL Natural Parfum. 120€