Video Premiere: Aka Kelzz x Ria Boss – Mango

Berlin-based rising star Aka Kelzz has teamed up with Ghanaian music sensation Ria Boss to release the collaborative single “Mango.” “Mango” celebrates themes of liberation, beauty, and self-acceptance. This empowering song draws inspiration from Aka Kelzz’s first visit to Ghana in the summer of 2023, an experience that brought them an overwhelming sense of freedom. “I saw my reflection daily,” they say. “This unlocked a new level of Black liberation for me, and I want to bring this sunshine and liberation back to folks all over the world.”

“This song is about embracing our own beauty and power. It’s about not being afraid to be who we are and to shine our light. It feels like the softness of the sun on my skin and reminds me of how sweet life can be when we accept ourselves,” continues Ria Boss

As a queer, non-binary artist, Aka Kelzz emphasizes intersectionality and the empowerment of BIPOC communities. Their music, including recent tracks like “Free Falling,” “Hidden,” and the TikTok viral sensation “Fly,” not only showcases their artistic talents but also aims to amplify the voices of dark-skinned and/or queer black individuals who frequently face marginalization.

Aka Kelzz’s music career in Berlin is a story of resilience. After facing numerous challenges and encountering limited representation, Kelzz found inspiration in Berlin, which rekindled their love for music. The COVID-19 pandemic provided them with an opportunity to refine their songwriting and production skills. A pivotal collaboration with producer Rafa Mura marked the beginning of their professional ascent, establishing Aka Kelzz as a significant figure in Berlin’s Soul music scene. Following a year of supporting artists like Pip Millet and Madison McFerrin, Aka Kelzz is poised for even greater achievements, continuously sharing their unique sound with the world.

As a solo artist, Kelzz has had a remarkable year, performing at festivals such as Melt and X-Jazz Berlin. They have also collaborated with artists like Nick Hakin and Annahstasia in Noah Slee’s vocal ensemble, A Song For You.

Ria Boss, also known as “Cat Mama,” is renowned for her dynamic presence as a musician, songwriter, and enthralling performer. Celebrated for her album “Remember,” which Native Magazine named the top R&B album of 2022, Boss has crafted “Cat Mama World” where she showcases her range of artistic personas. Her live show of the same name has earned accolades for its theatrical prowess and compelling narrative.


Mango is out now: