Album Premiere: Backwords – ‘Tre’

‘Tre’, the third release from Italyʼs Backwords (uno, due, tre), is an intimate, muscle­ and­ sinew deep exploration of the mysterious meeting point of man and machine – here, Pardo (Michele Pauli to his mother) and vintage synths, drum machines and miscellany from the second half of the last century. Twitchy beats, crackling textures and layers of tape distortion conjure a hallucinogenic universe that owes as much to heavy dub as it does to the techno­futurist optimism of the early modular synth pioneers. Enjoy the exclusive album stream in full below!

“My perception of music, and also my compositional approach, is of an intimate process that is strongly connected to an image of a bigger body, a complex ecosystem,” Pardo says. “I want to be provocative to a certain degree – Iʼd like the audience not to always be at ease. A bit like Peter Handkeʼs piece Offending the Audience. I begin with what I think of as analogue debris, testing new (vintage) gear and following a timbre or a sound to see where it takes me. Then it is about rationality – but only to a certain degree – which is the most delicate part of the process. Itʼs about giving structure, subtraction and layering. I am especially fascinated by the dispersal of sound in space, like building with acoustics. I feel like a carpenter working with perception rather than materials.”

‘Tre’ will be released digitally June 17th via OOH-Sounds, you can also order a limited 12″ LP here
backwords vinyl