Album Premiere: Jae Tyler Digest

The wait is finally over as today marks the release of Jae Tyler’s debut LP and a comprehensive 20-page digest named ‘Jae Tyler Digest’ via Street Pulse Records. Compiled by Portland- based farceur Logan Corcoran, the tabloid is styled after teen fan mags of yore (Tiger Beat, J-14). ‘Jae Tyler Digest’ comes complete with gossip columns, personality quizzes, lyrics, and even a cutout-paper-action-doll to actualise your every JT related desire! Merge that with 10 tracks of outsider-pop perfection, and you have ‘Jae Tyler Digest’. Catch Jae at next for his Shameless/Limitless: Jae Tyler “Digest” Record Release Show at Westgermany, Berlin, January 31st 2020

“The Digest is essentially the product of 2 obsessions becoming one; my obsessive pursuit of making a great album, and Logan’s obsession with me. Combine those and you have the hilariously heartbreaking piece of art called ‘Jae Tyler Digest’.” – Jae Tyler

Raised up on decent intentions and Beanie Weenies (a Kansas dish), Jae Tyler’s life was a dust bowl before discovering the joys of guitar when he was 8. Finding inspiration from whatever was on the classic rock dial (Ratt, Warrant, Living Colour) he sharpened his axe, and began carving his path towards Shredderdom. What began as a trailer park spark on Groundhog Day 1987 has since become a Euro trash-fire beyond containment.

Stream/download ‘Jae Tyler Digest’ here


Feature photo by Kari Jahnsen
Artwork by Logan Corcoran