Alejandro Franco – An Interview

May I introduce you to photographer Alejandro Franco?! We asked the young artist what is beauty to him? How he defines beauty? Read our interview below. 

G: @alejandrofrancob / @alejandrofrancoph

How did you begin photographing?
I officially started at 15. When I was that age, I was invited to visit my family at the Canary Islands (I was born in Venezuela), so I decided to spend part of my money for that trip on a camera, my first camera!!! It was impulsive, but something told me to do so. My first camera allowed me to explore many projects which I am still figuring out and longing to go back and resume.

How do you usually choose your models? Is it people you know?

I’m very active on Instagram, so when I want to shoot, I send some DMs to whoever might be interested in getting involved in my ideas and projects, and so it happens. I pick brand ‘new faces,’ they are more comfortable and enjoyable to work with.

Would you consider shooting yourself more? How easy or difficult is it?
Yes, absolutely. I follow many contemporary self-portrait photographers as references. Some of them self produce complex pieces and get involved in styling and makeup artist and I’m aiming to do so. 

Once a month, I dedicate 4 hours on my own to produce a self-portrait different in technique and dedication to what a selfie could deliver. I like to have the chance to be in front of the camera as much as I enjoy being behind it.

What is beauty to you? How do you define beauty?
That’s my favourite question. When I went to university, my Chilean best friend and I were wondering the same. We were studying advertising photography and felt quite moved by the way press photographers could register transcendental moments. So I came to the conclusion that in fashion and advertising photography, we had that chance with beauty. So beauty for me is documentation, and our job is to record, to archive and keep it forever. It is everywhere out there.

Which famous dead person would you like to shoot and how?
David Bowie, in his 2020’s revolutionary manifesto.

What is your dream project?
One of my most intimate project ideas is to go back to my hometown in Margarita Island (Venezuela) and share everything I’ve learned through the years. Meanwhile, I hope to keep up learning.