All Eyes On: Valentin Braun

A KALTBLUT exclusive male model feature. TLV based Photographer Nadav Dov Yahalomi captured Berlin-based model, dancer and movie star Valentin Braun for us. His Instagram, @aubergine.diaries, features incredible images, thought-provoking captions and boundary-pushing concepts. 

Valentin says: “My biggest inspiration is my body or bodies in general. I see it as my tool and instrument that is a vessel for my mind, it grounds me in this world and allows me to interact with my surroundings and other people. Being a professional dancer, I started taking ballet classes at the age of 4 and was therefore educated to use, work and live with my body from a very early age. I am obsessed with body language, body awareness and also more abstract things like the analysis of the body in space and time. Observing the composition of people walking in a busy street, watching strangers having unheard conversations on public transportation or reading the subliminal messages of a couple on a date… There is so much information that humans constantly send through their bodies. Body language and behavioural studies form a very complex universe that I love to tap into and play with.” Read the full interview  HERE

Photography by Nadav Dov Yahalomi @nadavyahalomi

Model is Valentin Braun @aubergine.diaries