Allie X releases new Ssion directed video for ‘Regulars’

Singer and songwriter Allie X shares her latest music video for her new single, ‘Regulars’. This marks the second music video collaboration between Allie X and artist Ssion – aka Cody Critcheloe, after Fresh Laundry. A superb and effective pairing, the two artists explore an exaggerated meaning behind the song, that which is a personal reflection on identity and what it means to be an outsider. Filmed over four sleepless days in Kansas City, Missouri, the video features Allie X as an outcast among various people and locations contained within a small town. Allie X’s outsider quality is visible in her style and demeanor. Wearing 10 inch heels by designer Thom Solo, and an Ann Demeulemeester black dress with elongated sleeves, she towers over others inconveniently, constantly placing her on the fringes. She seems oblivious to her extreme height, going about her “business” while in her own head and world.

We see Allie X in a variety of hum-drum locations around town as people gawk and stare. Starting at an abandoned hotel, she then heads to a laundry mat, with laundry basket in hand (a subtle reference to Fresh Laundry), where she stumbles upon a symbolic plaid jacket in an already used dryer. Discretely, she takes the jacket for herself, marking a critical identity shift in the storyline and a new sudden sense of freedom. The final scenes of the video take place in a comical grocery store setting, where Allie X decides to remove her towering shoes and let loose.

When we reach the last chorus of the song, her previous mundane location transforms into a fantastical environment. Whereas the rest of the video is filmed in a slow, dragging pace, the chorus is in real time and in sync with the music. Spotlights, fog, and colored strobing fire off in an end all, be all, blow out!

Allie comments on the making of the video, “Working with Ssion has been such a refreshing experience. We both love to really go for it, not to be limited by any logistics. The amount of care he put into making ‘Regulars’ the very special video it turned out to be, was incredible. He called me one morning so worried it wouldn’t be perfect and spent the next day dissecting every shot, location and the treatment itself til he felt it was in an amazing place. The experience of making ‘Regulars’ in Kansas City was maybe my favorite memory of this year.”

Allie is supporting Marina on tour this autumn across the US and Europe, and has also played select dates with Charli XCX. More info here.