Alone in the Dark by Marijo Zupanov

Zupanov is photographer, based in Ljubljana. For this story, Zupanov teamed up with model Nina P. He usually does fashion and portrait photography. Zupanov finds the inspiration inside of the medium when it gets broken or false. Mistakes are the key to enter the image for him. He always finds his own way in under- or overexposures, overdoing the image in photoshop or when in analogue, he likes to push the rules of development process over the edge and risking if the negatives will even appear or not.

 In these series of photographs, Zupanov went on a casual walk with his friend through the main city’s park of Ljubljana, Tivoli. They arranged earlier to do some photos so the girl took some pieces of clothes and jewelry she usually wears when going to clubs. They played with the idea of erotica in outdoors and bringing it out in style of trashion.
Instagram: @zupanov