Am I being too much for you?

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Creative direction by Cille Sch. Photography by Shai Levy. Styling by Veronika Hopponen. Models are Natalie Golubenko signed at Agency Viva Models, Benji Wohlrab, Lucas Ngo, Cille Sch. Makeup by Sara Grötsch. Hair by Mariane Michel. Fashion by Reza Nadimi, Assembled half, Zmai Successories, Sinuous sisters, Luna Morgaciova, Ariga Toroslan, Kiss the future and Trippen.

Camille Schaeffer or Cille Sch is a visual artist, performer and director based in Berlin. She navigates between diverse disciplines, going from performance art to sculpture and installations. Cille Sch is currently exhibiting at STUDIO183 in Bikini Berlin. At the exhibition, you can find some of her hanging sculptures and mixed media artworks. “Seeing my art in another context such as a fashion concept store opened up my mind and permitted me to expand my practice which I now can visualize  more clearly in connexion with fashion.”

Meeting some of the designers represented at STUDIO183 made me see different ways of getting into fashion and brought me great inputs. I got to learn more about some of them who are taking their inspirations from their own paintings or other types of media. I have been taught that I should better choose one specific thing to do in order to be good at it and to not get too dispersed. It took me a while to be comfortable with the fact that I am doing different things, working on different types of media, pursuing different jobs and that is totally fine. I see it more as a strength now and can’t stop pushing my limits. We shouldn’t be put into boxes that define ourselves. Let’s highlight multidisciplinary artists, double-faced talents. Let’s exchange roles. What if the creative director was a young woman, an artist and a model too?“.

Cille Sch came up with the idea to present eight fashions designers from STUDIO183 who are also artists, painters, designers and creatives. Not only the designers are artists but the models too. “It’s about juggling between multiple talents and faces as artists and not to be afraid of it. It also means, having strong personalities, being sometimes too intense or too much for the rest of the world“. Natalie Golunbenko is a model and multidisciplinary artist. Benji Wohlrab is modelling in his spare time when he is not too busy being a musician. Lucas Ngo is a French artist now based in Berlin, working on paintings, installations and videos. Why be restricted to one personality, if you can show many. Am I being too much for you?

My initial inspiration for this editorial came from Reza Nadimi’s aesthetic, that I could immediately connect to my friend’s work, Lucas Ngo. Lucas works on ink, paint, it can look quite dark and dramatic but very poetic at the same time. Then, I thought it could be a great opportunity to fuse our work which is very different but somehow matching together: his 4m long painting that we hang on the wall, and my multicoloured installations that are made from different materials that I usually work with. This collaboration is also a great way to share our work as artists and to see it in a different setting. Thanks to STUDIO183 for the opportunity“.

Creative direction by Cille Sch / / Instagram : @cilleschcille
Photography by Shai Levy / / Instagram: @shailevy
Styling by Veronika Hopponen / Instagram : @veronikahopponen
Set design and artworks by Cille Sch and Lucas Ngo / / Instagram : @_lucasngo /
Models are Natalie Golubenko signed at Agency Viva Models / Instagram: @nataliegolubenko
Benji Wohlrab / Instagram : @benji.wohlrab
Lucas Ngo / Instagram @_lucasngo
Cille Sch / Instagram : @cilleschcille
Makeup by Sara Grötsch. / Instagram: @saragroh
Hair by Mariane Michel / Instagram : @mari_ain.t
Photographer assistant : Charlotte Whittington / Instagram : @charlotte__whittington
STUDIO183  @studio183_berlin

Fashion by Reza Nadimi, Assembled half, Zmai Successories, Sinuous sisters, Luna Morgaciova, Ariga Toroslan, Kiss the future and Trippen.