American Blend

A KALTBLUT exclusive. The model is Duarte Carvalho. Photography by André Faria. Make-up by Barbara Bosque. Styling by Pedro Abreu using David Catalan, Huarte, Suitsupply, Hurrican Lab, Moncler and Susana Bettencourt.

Photography by André Faria / /
Instagram: @andrefariaphoto
The model is Duarte Carvalho signed at Central Models / Instagram: @duarte_carvalho0
Make up by Barbara Bosque / / Instagram: @babibosque
Styling by Pedro Abreu / Instagram: @pabreumachado

Brands used are: David Catalan / Huarte / Suitsupply / Hurrican Lab / Moncler / Susana Bettencourt
Instagram for the brands: @davidcatalanbrand / @huartebrand / @suitsupply / @hurricane.lab / @moncler / @subettencourt