Amorelie presents Love for everybody

AMORELIE takes a bold step forward with its first-ever queer collection, drawing rich inspiration from Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights.” This iconic artwork, which showcases the awakening, a paradise of pleasure, and the lure of “forbidden” temptation, serves as the creative backdrop for AMORELIE’s daring new line. Recognizing queer love as an intrinsic part of nature—albeit one that has been historically suppressed—this collection embraces and celebrates diversity in every form.

AMORELIE’s Queer Collection: Where Art and Love Collide

Captured through the vibrant and eclectic designs of Berlin-based illustrator Anna Ruprecht @annarupprecht_studio, this collection paints a kaleidoscope of love. It transcends traditional boundaries, highlighting the harmonious existence of various romantic configurations—be it Adam & Steve, Adam & Eve, or Ada & Eva. This line is a testament to the notion that love, in all its dimensions, is natural and beautiful.

What’s more, AMORELIE demonstrates its commitment to the community by donating 10 EUR from each T-shirt sold to “anyway,” a commendable organization based in Cologne. Limited to a run of just 1000 pieces, these T-shirts will be up for grabs on AMORELIE’s online shop starting in June, priced at 29.99 EUR each. Grab yours and wear a piece of art that champions love in all its splendid forms.