An Ode to Feminism by OHLALAGIRLS

A KALTBLUT exclusive! This editorial is an ode to Feminism. “It is a depiction of women’s strenght, freedom and sexuality. Trough tiny details, gestures and fine movements, trough uncommon crops and framing – I invite people to be part of a woman intimacy. The forces that govern the character come together and form a synergy through which we can observe a contrast between strenght and gentleness, sophistication and simplicity , stability or motion, self-confidence or chastity.

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Masturbation, discovery and exploration of body, self-esteem are the kind of topics raised here. The Woman is shown here not as a product, not as a property but as a delicate and complex being that makes its way through life like everyone else.” says photographer OHLALAGIRLS. Alias Ismaël Dersoir-Alaoui. A 26 years old photographer from Paris. Model is Marina Doroshenko. 
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Photographer: Ohlalagirls FacebookInstagram : @ohlalagirl

Model:  Marina Doroshenko Facebook  / Instagram : @mistneko