anatol – EDITION one: Buildings & Bodies

KALTBLUT presents anatol – EDITION one: Buildings & Bodies. Photography by Thibault Gaëtan Dubroca. Fashion by anatol. Models are Saïd, Duc and Charles. Hair & Grooming by Thomas Dockendorff.

EDITION one: the first edition is called „Buildings & Bodies“. Contributor to this EDITION is Florian Hetz. EDITION one explores the merging borders between concrete and flesh. When bodies depict strength and buildings radiate warmth and vitality, we question the conventional order.

„Buildings & Bodies“ provokes a story in your mind next to the story on the garment.

The sharp contrast of the human body and the concrete buildings is attractive and repelling at the same time. The work of Florian Hetz deals with the absence of identity. The story takes place on your imagination rather than on the actual image. Berlin’s concrete buildings for housing are the epitome of anonymity in a very contemporary way. Although the buildings are inhabited by a lot of individuals, the basic principle of unification is very common here.

EDITION one deals with the common ground of these contrary topics. Implementing the common ground into clothing, it becomes personal and subjective.

anatol – Credo

anatol embodies a contemporary approach to the aesthetics of the individual. Intuitively and emotionally anatol explores the brightest and darkest places of your imagination. A notion of lust, a sense of the moment – this is what anatol offers you. anatol’s vision is to create wearable artworks by interdisciplinarily collaborating with contemporary artists. Conveying emotions by bringing more than a soul into clothing, anatol covers your body and reveals your secret desires at the same time. This ambiguity is our credo at anatol.

anatol’s mind is not conventional, it is intimate and personal, a curated niche product. Expressing our brand’s artistic identity by accentuated contrasts, we claim our own point of view.

We build bridges. We encourage to question. We represent a distinct mindset.

As a continuous collaboration project with contemporary artists in different EDITIONS, we emphasize the emergence of diverse cultures and attitudes by focusing on aesthetics. anatol wants to find the lost, touch the unaffected, soothe the furious and bring out the current heartstrings of the individual. We distinguish what you have in mind, brutally and not sugarcoated.

Can you stand the truth?

Photography by Thibault Gaëtan Dubroca / / Instagram: @thibault.gaetan.dubroca

Fashion by anatol / / Instagram: @anatol.diary

Models: Saïd / Instagram: @saeed.ealise
Duc / Instagram: @d_siegenthaler
Charles / Instagram: @mycawber

Hair & Grooming by Thomas Dockendorff / / @thomas_dockendorff