Ancient patterns of sorrow, New patterns of love

By Dwam Ipomée – “In Greek mythology, Pan is the god of the wilds, nature of mountain wilds, companion of the nymphs he’s chasing or seducing with his flute. Pan is an odd mix of human and animal, deity and primal sexuality, and forever my favorite pagan god. With this photoset, we alternated in front and behind the lens, viewer and viewee, exploring the dualities within our bonds, our feelings, our selves. We are creature of flesh, stuck in bodies and sensations, as much as spiritual and intellectual beings. We bond with nature and we try to destroy it ; we oppose and associated different genders ; always, we balance between light and shadows.”

Shot on 35mm film on a cold winter day in Savoie, France.

Models/photographer : Dwam Ipomée & Fennel