Anonymous by Renaud Duc

A KALTBLUT exclusive photography series! French photographer Renaud Duc is one of our favorite artists when it comes to male photography. We love Renaud’s pictures, his aesthetic, his models, his light. You can definitely say that Renaud has the sharp eye of an artist. @renaudducphotos /

I always loved taking pictures. In secondary school I would take photos of my friends all the time, mostly with disposable cameras and I kept on doing it in highschool. I stopped some times when I moved to Paris, 13 years ago and my passion caught up with me when I started clubbing. I reconnected my disposable cameras and constantly shot what was happening. 3 years ago, I bought myself an analog Reflex camera in a flea market which I had no idea how to use. I started to grow as a photographer, to be more careful with light, poses, and it’s been a year now that I take portraits of boys.

KALTBLUT: The male model is central in your work. What makes a model better than another? Are you looking for specifics body type?

Renaud: Yes, but only recently. I was obsessed by a boy for a while and I had to photograph him but he was never available. I also wanted to take a nude portrait of him. I wanted to know how I would react in front of this naked man that I desired but could only touch with my camera. In the end, it all went smoothly, I really enjoyed the experience and I wanted to do it again (and I haven’t touched him, haha!). I do focus on boys who I essentially like, physically that is. That’s why there’s a certain cohesion in the portraits I take. That said, there are not only smooth-chinned young boys in my work. What makes a difference and what is decisive is the look of the model. You can instantly know whether he is at ease by the way he looks. Read the full interview HERE