Introducing Johanna Quester, a Berlin-based artist and aspiring fashion designer. Photography by Chiara Toki. In her sculptural approach to fashion, Johanna Quester aims to question today’s Western beauty standards formed by a postcolonial, patriarchal, classist, ableist and agist society.

As the female beauty ideal is emulated through an artificial lens, it becomes unachievable. Free of pores and body hair. Pimples, cellulite and saggy breasts are concealed, hidden and pushed up.
In her designs, Johanna tries to bring attention to what we are used to covering up, expanding our understanding of beauty.

Her self-conscious relationship with her femininity has been and continues to be an important part of the fashion she wears and designs, finding a balance between embracing her womanhood and chasing a masculine ideal of objectivity. She still finds herself on an ongoing journey of exploring the body in all its forms and movements examined in a cultural and political context. All the items in the pictures are made of thrifted fabrics and upcycled.

Photography by Chiara Toki / /
Instagram: @chiaratoki @stempelautomat
Fashion design & modelling by Johanna Quester / Instagram: @johannantonialice @questeerr
Assisting by Annika Zehetner / Instagram: @annika.zzz