Aquarium by katastrofffe

Milena Krawetz, Aka Katastrofffe, is an artist, photographer, sculptor, and videographer for documentary films. Katastrofffe travels extensively, is constantly on the move, and photograph those around her. This series, Aquarium, was made using the scanner with a minimum retouching. 

“I leave my mark in the form of street art and tell my story with posters and sculptures based on my photography. My art is a reflection of myself and a record of what happens around me through a surrealist lens. Everything I shoot regards routine and everyday life captured through a dynamic, impulsive frame, is the sacred simplicity of uniqueness in a simple moment. I also use the direction of famous works of art and photography, on the occasion, it is befitting of the story which unfolds. Freedom, the spirit of youth, radicalism – this is what inspires me. And for quarantine, I got stuck in Switzerland, when all the flights stopped.”

I am trapped in self-isolation. I am seized. Illuminated by the glow of my electrically charged nerves.
You see the world through glass
and the world, in it’s turn, sees you through glass – the glass of online life.
Creatures living in self-made aquariums.
There is a transition from the internal to the external and vice versa, crossing the lines between dreams and reality.
And when dreams and reality merge into absolute reality – this is surrealism.
Imagination runs my mind to what could be and what is already happening.
We expand our imagination to a state similar to a dream – after all, causes do not create, and the creation of forms depend only on our subconscious.
When dreaming the mind is completely satisfied with what is happening to it – the only time it accepts itself.