ARROW! Photography by Kamil Kotarba

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Photography by Kamil Kotarba. Model and styling by Dominik Zwyrtek. Set design by Justyna Bugajczyk / UKWIAŁ. Make-up by Joanna Wojniłko. Kamil Kotarba is a visual artist, photographer and art director. Sleeping and food lover. His work isn’t dominated by any visual style, it’s more about conceptual exploration. Works between art, fashion and commercial stuff.  Addicted to images. Taking a lot of photos. Lives and works in Warsaw.

Photography: Kamil Kotarba /

Model and style: Dominik Zwyrtek /

Set design: Justyna Bugajczyk / UKWIAŁ /

Make-up: Joanna Wojniłko /