#LFW – First of all, there was free gin, provided by the gracious Hoxton Spirits London, so some of these events may be fabricated or at the very least a little hazy. I sat beside west-end performer Marcus Collins, a former contestant on X-Factor UK. Niche I know, but I have always loved him, he shook my hand and we talked about pegging. There was context revolving around the subject of fragile masculinity I promise, you had to be there. Also, there was free gin.

In a rather dramatically incredible fashion week moment, a large spider fell from the ceiling and caused minor chaos for a hot fashion minute until it was escorted off the premises. It’s invite-only babes.

Impeccably dressed Drag Race UK Queens Ella Vaday, Choriza May and Elektra Fence sat opposite adorned in hand-painted, extravagant Adam Frost archives bathed in otherworldly light in a room filled with Frosties awaiting Adam’s next invigorating chapter. To say it is not hard to feel a sense of belonging here would be a huge understatement as the room breathed an empowering wave of instantaneous joy, of community, of freedom and bizarrely, I felt hella under-dressed.

Go big or go home is the mantra of the Adam Frost attendees, perhaps referencing one of the key themes of the SS24 collection, “Some of us may be broke, but we are visually rich.”

‘Art is Abundance’ is Adam Frost’s self-proclaimed ‘industry-ready’ collection. Made up of gender-fluid styles such as the PVC power-shoulder coat and impeccably tailored separates; Adam means business this season. New mediums such as digital printing have been explored and used on garments adorned with the ‘Mania Faces’ print. The print fuses the designer’s iconographic face motifs with scribbles of lyrics to his new track, Art is Abundance.

Amy Winehouse being a poignant figure of inspiration to this collection through the higher-than-sky hair and colourful co-ords. Some of the less-obvious references within the looks are Queen Elizabeth I, Cindy Sherman and Grace Jones through power shapes and opulent gold jewels designed in partnership with Era of Mystique.

This season Adam has also collaborated with multi-disciplinary artist Olivia Strange on a PVC and plaster dress which features witch-like hand sculptures on each shoulder. It’s aptly titled ‘It Takes Courage to Enjoy It, the Hardcore and the Gentle’, taken from the Björk track ‘Big Time Sensuality’ and is about finding moments of pleasure in seemingly unending chaos and pain. Another notable conceptual look are the gold sequin ‘Bobble Dress’ which takes the idea of ‘couture’ and completely turns it on its head, skewing the wearer’s silhouette and form.

Partnering with Schwarzkopf Pro for the show, Adam explains that ‘the hair is the hat’; every look has been meticulously styled to show ‘abundance’. Nothing is ever enough when it comes to fashion and Adam Frost proves this in Art is Abundance for SS24. Keep the free gin coming huns.

Words by Lewis Robert Cameron

Press: KMR Consultancy @kmrcomms
Styling: Kim Howells @kim_howells
Production: Vikki Burns @vikkiburns_
Hair: Nick Irwin @nickirwinhair and the Schwarzkopf Professional Team
@schwarzkopfpro using Session Label #sessionlabel
Make Up: Pablo Rodriguez @pablo_rodriguez_makeup
Nails: ImaniCured @ImaniCured
Jewellery: Emily Grant at Era of Mystique @eraofmystique
Shoes: Natacha Marro @natachamarro
Print Design and Consulting: Hayley Cowling @hayley.cowling
Drinks: Hoxton Spirits @hoxtonspirits and London Essence Co. @londonessenceco
Catwalk Images: Chris Yates @itschrisyates
Sound: JBL @jblaudio_uk #teamjbl
Plaster and PVC dress in collaboration with @olivia_strange_
Music Producer: Ana(3)
Sponsored by Henkel/Schwarzkopf
Tees, shirts and sublimation print in collaboration with Imprint,
coming to Imprint works store soon, find out more at