Artist Of The Week: Lana Prins

Lana Prins is a Rotterdam based 21 year old dutch photographer originally from a little place in Holland near the sea. Her sensual photos capture my attention every time I scroll through my feed on Facebook: Lana’s photos are widely shared on the social platform and tumblr.  There’s romance, innocence, and sensuality, but apart from that her photos make you feel warm and make you want to cuddle up with someone. KALTBLUT did an interview with the young Lana.

9293698_orig (1)_miniKALTBLUT: Hi Lana, tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do, what’s your zodiac sign?

Lana: I’m a 21 year old photographer currently living in Rotterdam and studying at the Willem de Kooning Academie. I love food and wine, swimming in the sea and seeing the moon at night. My zodiac sign is a virgo.Windydunesmall (1)_mini x

KALTBLUT: Can you remember your first photos?

Lana: My first photos were mostly self-portraits. I was around 15 years old and I wanted to create intimate images, to share a feeling, a certain story. I decided to use my own body for this. Working totally alone like this can be something very intimate to me. Later on I also wanted to shoot other people. I noticed that the way of working and thinking in these situations were very different for me. When I make self-portraits it’s really about sharing a part of myself, letting people into my world and thoughts. While for me working together with other people is more about the creative process; how to create a story together.



KALTBLUT: I think your photos are feminine, sensual, but always quite innocent, what is your view on ‘being feminine’ ?

Lana: I believe that there are no rules for considering someone feminine or not. Nowadays people still think in forms of stereotypes a lot, especially about what should be feminine/masculine. For me being feminine is all about feeling confident about your own body and beauty.
tumblr_nfkmrtcaVY1qj3h7yo1_1280_mini x

KALTBLUT: How would you describe your photography?

Lana: I like seeing my work as a reflection of the beauty I see and feel around me. My photos are just small parts of the stories playing in my mind. I bring you the image and you can fill in the story behind it yourself. Is it a screenshot from a romantic movie? Is it a slightly naughty self-portrait of the girl next door? I never want to give everything away at once. If I would do so, the image wouldn’t leave the viewer anything to think about anymore. In my images, I always like to keep it a little bit free, for my own and the viewers imagination.

LanaPrins4_mini x

KALTBLUT: Where does your inspiration come from?

Lana: My inspiration mainly comes from the curiosity I feel towards the sensuality and sexuality of the female body. The feelings daily life gives me, also inspire and motivate me to make new work.



A few days ago on a hot Monday morning I saw a girl on a bike and her skirt was flowing a little in the wind. While I kept looking at her, I could sometimes see her pink shiny undies. Little things like this can actually give me great ideas for photos.


KALTBLUT: How do you find your models?

Lana: My close friends and dear sister are actually the most beautiful girls I know. Having the luck of them being around me a lot, makes it easy to work very spontaneous. I also like working together with new people and creating a story together. I love when I see the character of the person I’m shooting back in the image itself.

girlsroom_mini x

KALTBLUT: What is the most sensual body part for you?

That’s a difficult question. I actually think every body part can be sensual. Maybe that part where your panty makes a little bridge between your hips. I love when someone slowly touches you there, it always tickles that much. Like your body is curious for what’s coming next.

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KALTBLUT: What are your future plans?

Lana: I just always feel the need to capture and share the beauty around me and know this is something I will always keep doing. I would love to meet a lot of creative people to share ideas with and possibly make good stuff together. I also hope I can always keep surprising and developing myself. Talking about the (very) near future, I will be having my first exhibition this month in Lyon. I will be there personally on the 17th of July! Come visit!:)



Contact: facebook, instagram