Artist Of The Week: Marianna Gefen! Old Paper.

Marianna is an  Illustrator and Graphic Designer. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia and having spent many years in various cities around Germany, Marianna is now based in Madrid. She likes to draw on decades-old paper that she finds in fleamarkets or dark alleys around the world. Enjoy her serie, Old Paper.

oldpaper16_mini oldpaper17_mini oldpaper18_mini oldpaper19_mini oldpaper20_mini oldpaper21_mini oldpaper1_mini oldpaper3_mini oldpaper4_mini oldpaper5_mini oldpaper6_mini oldpaper7_mini oldpaper8_mini oldpaper9_mini oldpaper10_mini oldpaper11_mini oldpaper12_mini oldpaper13_mini oldpaper14_mini