Artist Of The Week: Sanja Marusic

An interview! Sanja is a Dutch Amsterdam based photographer. Graduated from KABK, The Hague, she exhibited her work all over the Netherlands and has been published in Vice, Elle, New dawn, and iD. Her photos are otherworldly and her approach to photography is experimental. Her photos are always set in an unfamiliar landscape. KALTBLUT interviewed Sanja about her work, inspirations, and future plans.



KALTBLUT: Hi Sanja, tell us a little bit about yourself, what do you do, what’s your zodiac sign?

Sanja: I’m a 23 year old photographer from Amsterdam, graduated 2 years ago at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. My zodiac sign is a lion.


KALTBLUT: How would you describe your photography, what is it about? 

Sanja: I like creating the feeling of being somewhere else, in some kind of different time zone. I use photoshop to create this.


KALTBLUT: What makes you choose your locations and models?

Sanja: I am always looking for wide, empty and kind of surrealistic locations and spaces. In the landscapes that I find, mostly when I travel, I look at the colors, lines and ‘weird’ things.. Models are not super important in my work, I mean, they’re not the subject, it’s the whole vibe. Sometimes it’s me, my boyfriend, my sister or a model from an agency. But I like the androgyn look, the models in my pictures never pose or look sexy.


KALTBLUT: Where do you take inspiration from?

Sanja: It’s always different. Sometimes I just go to the location I saw when I was driving by in a car, and experiment on the location itself, and later in photoshop. Then I just work with a feeling, and sometimes I later recognise my inspiration, like ‘Wow, somehow it looks like that image I saw in a book a while ago.’ And I like surrealistic movies and the colours from David Hockney’s paintings.


KALTBLUT: Do you ever plan on working inside/studio?

Sanja: Sometimes I do, but not much. I just made a fashion editorial (something I didn’t do for a long time) in the studio and I am really happy with the result. But then I added ‘the outside’ in the pictures.


KALTBLUT: What are your future plans/What are you working on at the moment?

Sanja: I’m planning to go to Los Angeles and photograph there, and I’m working on a really cool project now which I can’t tell yet!