Artist of the week: Shibo Chen

Shibo Chen is a student majoring in animation, based in Beijing, China. He already plan to go to Los Angeles for his graduate study in graphic design. Shibo is still exploring the art world, but we can surely said that he already found a very strong aesthetic.



KALTBLUT: How did you came to illustration?
Shibo: I always like drawing something in my free time and it’s kind of a way to relax since I was little. So I choose to study animation in CUC and later I find myself more interested in still image, illustration. Then I notice the fashion illustration from some amazing fashion illustrator like Richard Kilroy, David Downton and Artaksiniya. Their work is such an inspiration for me and then I start to focus on fashion illustration, drawing beautiful clothes that attract me.



KALTBLUT: Who are these men you keep on drawing?
Shibo: I kind like to draw fashion illustration about menswear. Sometimes I see a look or a model that attracts me in a photography or some runway shows, I will get inspired and then start to draw.


in between_mini

KALTBLUT: Why can’t we see their faces?
Shibo: I think using flowers to cover their face kind creates a sense of mystery. Besides, I really enjoy drawing the lip.


KALTBLUT: How does fashion influence your work?
Shibo: While, I draw the most inspirations from fashion: runway shows, ad campaigns and photography. For me, it’s the beautiful patterns on the clothes that attract me most and I always emphasize them in my illustration. Besides, I also like using elements from nature to enhance my feelings about the clothes and pattern. Actually, lots of fashion ad campaigns, clothing designs and photography from Valentino, Gucci and Dior that I love are inspired by gorgeous flowers from nature. So I also get inspirations from many plants, trying to capture the beauty of nature, combining their beautiful flowers, branches and leaves with human character. And sometimes I would come up with some ideas and then create some patterns and design some clothes, showing them in my illustration.



KALTBLUT:  There is something really poetic in your work, are you a sentimental person?
Shibo: Yes, I’m a sentimental person. I like getting inspirations from nature, especially flowers, using red color in my work and I always try to make my illustration give people a peaceful and elegant feeling. Besides, I’m also interested in traditional Chinese culture, and I think the poetic part in Chinese culture really influences my work as well. And I think the clothes that I draw in my illustration, like Gucci, itself is gorgeous and romantic enough to make people feel poetic.