Attiction by Pernilla Strand

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Pernilla Strand is a photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Pernilla captured Frans H &and Vincent W / Elite Stockholm for us. All fashion by Therése Palmhager. Makeup and hair by Karin Löfgren.  

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Pernilla Strand recently graduated from Gamleby School of Photography, Commercial and Magazine and is now currently freelancing. She loves to collaborate with other artists and designers and wants to create a story together with the people behind the art. She is a storyteller who wants to convey a mysterious feeling with her Images.
Therése Palmhager is a designer who likes to question stereotypical gender roles in our society. Collections question for instance what is male and what is female, and why we feel the need to differentiate between the two. “Social conventions and human behavior is something I have always found interesting. We live in these social conventions that from an early age teach us how to behave in order to fit in with the invisible structures of society called ‘norms’.” says Palmhager, who herself grew up in a rather unconventional, contemporary bohemian manner. “In my work I want to challenge the idea of what is considered socially acceptable and by doing so I hope to somehow expand ideas of what a person is and can be.” Pernilla and Therése found each other through social medias and immediately fell in love with each others work. They decided to start a collaboration to see what would happen in a meeting between their art forms.”
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Photographer: Pernilla Strand, (@pernillastrand)
Designer: Therése Palmhager (@tpalmhager)
Makeup & Hair: Karin Löfgren  (@kayl.sthlm)
Models: Frans H & Vincent W / Elite Stockholm (@elitemodelstockholm)
Thanks to: Johan Enblom