Aubade Paris turns sixty this year: celebrating six decades of French seduction, Parisian chic, and exceptional products

Happy Birthday from us. The lingerie brand Aubade was founded in 1958 in Paris, at a time when lingerie was nothing more than a functional accessory. Their products were coordinated and colourful; just like a ready-to-wear clothing collection meant for both wearer and viewer.

Each new year brought another successful innovation, including the front-closure bra, the dance-inspired tanga, the barely-there thong weighing a mere 2 grams, and the gravity-defying “Petite Tricheuse” brief.

Aubade is a love story. It’s an encounter, a look, and a light touch that comes to life along the edge of lace in the hollow of your back, or through an embroidered strap. For the past sixty years, the Parisian brand has worked tirelessly to draw inspiration from women in order to faithfully interpret their desires and expectations in terms of beauty and well-being.

Les Amours Imaginaires – the anniversary collection

To celebrate its anniversary, the brand created an autumn-winter collection based on the Aubade “amours imaginaires”—a series of emotions ranging from the first flutters of interest to passion, from flirting to eroticism. The collection boldly and elegantly symbolises all the moments that make up a remembered romance, including frivolity, sensuality, seduction, and pleasure.

With exceptional pieces, wicked gift sets, and colourful lingerie featuring Leavers lace, luxurious embroidery, and refined silks, Aubade’s anniversary collection embodies “made-in-Paris” elegance, femininity, and love.

Do you speak Aubade?

The legendary lingerie brand has its sights firmly set on the future. It follows, listens to, and transposes relationships through its collections and its new ad campaign, “Do you speak Aubade?”

This campaign follows the example set by “Lessons of Seduction” and offers a fitting and modern update. In the ads, words are replaced by body language, which is both more sensual and contemporary. The body’s curves, which are in constant movement, speak for themselves, distilling both emotion and desire and perfectly representing the true meaning of Aubade lingerie.

“Do you speak Aubade?” is an invitation to start a conversation in which each woman can use her own language to express her femininity. This sentence is universally understood and encourages conversation. Aubade has become the lingua franca for seduction and attraction.

Lessons of Seduction – a pop culture phenomenon

We can’t talk about Aubade without mentioning its chic and sexy black-and-white photos—the legendary “Lessons of Seduction” series. This ad campaign, which featured anonymous women with gorgeous curves alongside sweet, playful, and mischievous word play, has been titillating French audiences since 1992.

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