Avant Art Festival 2023: A Fusion of Music, Visual Arts, Cinema, and Meetings

Autumn is approaching, and with it comes the anticipation for the upcoming editions of the Avant Art Festival. This year, the festival will take place in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Berlin, and Poznan, in collaboration with CK Zamek. Avant Art Festival has been pushing the boundaries of music and art for over 15 years, offering a refreshing alternative to mainstream festivals.


Enxin Onyx by Kiril Bikov

It attracts a diverse audience with a penchant for exploring new sounds and creative expressions. The projects presented during the festival not only showcase innovation but also convey powerful messages and artistic attitudes. In 2023, the program will feature a wide range of experimental, avant-garde, noise, folk, and guitar projects – an eclectic mix of genres united by their innovative approach to music, anti-establishment sentiments, and commitment to quality. These aspects lie at the core of Avant Art Festival’s motto and mission, guiding all their activities and endeavours.

MUSIC: Prepare to be enthralled by an exceptional lineup of musicians. Liturgy, the avant-garde metal sensation, will finally grace the stages in Wroclaw and Warsaw, marking a long-awaited moment for festival-goers. Additionally, Xiu Xiu, a legendary band, will captivate the audience with their avant-garde melodies in Wroclaw, while the rising star of alternative music, Marina Herlop, will showcase her talent in Warsaw. Between these recognizable names, the Avant Art Festival will also introduce their recommendations and discoveries. Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of Raja Kirik and Širom, both drawing inspiration from indigenous and ethnic musical themes.


VISUAL ARTS: Avant Art Festival is not limited to mesmerizing concerts, as it extends its embrace to the visual arts. This year, the renowned Avant Art Film series will transform into a three-day mini-festival solely dedicated to documentary films about music. Coupled with enriching discussions with filmmakers, this collaboration with the New Horizons Cinema promises a captivating experience. Additionally, the festival will feature thought-provoking exhibitions and interdisciplinary activities exploring various aspects of visual arts. Notably, the Church of Nihilists will present their exhibition titled “Obol,” while Italian artist Pysellino will create an artistic intervention as part of the “Time Trauma” exhibition at V9 Gallery in Warsaw.

Lust Sick Puppy by Johan Bonilla @Muhstee_2

CINEMA: Prepare to be intrigued and inspired as the Avant Art Festival ventures into the world of cinema. In a special edition collaboration with CK Zamek, the festival will make its debut in Poznan. The event program will showcase the talented Radian and the international ensemble Ensemble E, conducted by the renowned Mats Gustafsson himself. Attendees will also have the opportunity to enjoy the screening of “Singeli Movement: Greed for Speed” and participate in a discussion on postcolonialism. Engaging figures from the music industry, such as Kuba Ziolek from Brutality Garden, Piotr Cichocki from 1000Hz, and Jan Moszumanski (Jan Moss), a filmmaker and musician, will also contribute their insights.


Avant Art Festival 2023 will span across four cities, boasting 15 partner locations and a remarkable 18-day duration. With 59 music and art projects from both the Polish and global independent scenes, this year’s festival promises to be an unparalleled celebration of creativity, diversity, and innovation.

Impart Centrum
Klub Firlej
Bemma Bar
Wyspa Tamka
Kino Nowe Horyzonty
Pardon, To Tu
Komuna Warszawa
Kino Iluzjon
TR Warszawa
Galeria V9
CK Zamek
Arkaoda Berlin