AYANEGUI Spring/Summer 2022

AYANEGUI presents 23 classy streetwear looks, for this Spring/Summer 2022 featuring classic shapes cut and contrasting fabrics. This collection includes outerwear, accessories, purses and jewelry. AYANEGUI is a contemporary clothing brand seeking to redirect clean fashion to an ecological, ergonomic and sustainable procedure with statement view message.

Our garments have a creative process made with aimed for the everyday man, who seeks to have the right attire in the right place and thus develop in a better way. Looking in the same way to suggest through clothing the simplification of mental processes, making all our clothes combine with each other. We intend to destine contemporary people towards an utopian and minimalist current.
Beyond to capture corporeal silhouettes, we are a brand who want to capture conscious identity in people through the use and reading of the garments.