Backstage at Danny Reinke A/W24-25 – The Dreams in the Cupboard

During the W.E4. FASHION DAY at the Berlin Fashion Week, Danny Reinke unveiled his Autumn/Winter collection “The Dreams in the Cupboard” or as we call it The Fashionkids from Bahnhof Zoo. All backstage photos by Yulia Reznikov.

The new range draws inspiration from experiences, impressions, and longings that we, as individuals, accumulate and carry within us. Some of these, we enliven, while others remain forever concealed within us. Often, we attempt to preserve and encapsulate the wishes we’ve realized—be it a memento from a journey or the thoughts and feelings experienced during special moments that we lock away in our memory—”every wish, once fulfilled, immediately has offspring,” as Wilhelm Busch said.

Photography: Yulia Reznikov @yulia.reznikov

Our lives are characterized by the continual evolution of collecting new impressions, processing them, and then expressing them anew. Memory transforms into a cabinet of curiosities that keeps growing and occasionally brings to light old, conserved moments long thought to be forgotten.

This F/W 24/25 collection is dominated by selected colour contrasts. For instance, the juxtaposition of turquoise to red or orange on pink creates an electrifying interplay of colours. The patterns and fabric mixes give the collection a captivating vibrancy. 3D-printed structures fascinatingly imitate the fauna of our planet. A core element of the collection is the handcrafted knotting made from residual stocks of local wool, giving the ensemble its distinctive structure and alluding to rare creatures. Likewise, old pieces of jewellery have been deconstructed to place them decoratively or interlaced and crocheted in conjunction with wool yarn. The backdrop for this collection is the Renaissance period, aiming to pictorially create a personal cabinet of curiosities that eternalizes one’s desires and dreams.

An essential aspect of the collection is the dream theme. A bed, placed directly on the runway, serves as the stage for the show’s opening and as the central prop for introducing the dramaturgy, linking the realm of rest, peace, and dreams with reality.

The collection draws on a remembrance of the forgotten and an appreciation of the unusual. Thorough research is a pillar of Danny Reinke’s creative process—crucial to crafting a universe for new collections. Another fundamental component of the label is the high standard of craftsmanship. Every garment and detail is meticulously handcrafted in the Berlin studio. For this collection, the label worked for the first time with textile designer Hannah Kaplan, resulting in unique clothing pieces adorned with gold leaf.

The successful concept of the W.E4. FASHION DAY continued on February 7, 2024, at the Verti Music Hall. On this occasion, Danny Reinke presented the “The Dreams in the Cupboard” collection to the public for the first time. The event is an official part of BERLIN FASHION WEEK, supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy, and Public Enterprises, in cooperation with the Fashion Council Germany.

Exploring the Depths of “The Dreams in the Cupboard”: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes at Berlin Fashion Week

Venturing into the heart of Berlin Fashion Week, our eyes were met with the alluring spectacle that is Danny Reinke’s Autumn/Winter 24/25 collection, “The Dreams in the Cupboard”. Evoking a profound narrative rooted in personal memories and aspirations, Reinke presented a philosophical escapade into fashion.

The collection boasted exuberant contrast—turquoise clashed with red, orange collided with pink—each piece seemingly pulsating with life. Reinke’s commitment to avant-garde textile innovation was evident: 3D-printed formations masterfully echoed earthly fauna, while hand-knotted fabrics, spun from local wool remnants, sculpted unique silhouettes, reminiscent of nature’s rarest entities.

A standout feature amidst the sartorial reverie was Reinke’s collaboration with textile artisan Hannah Kaplan. Their combined artistry birthed garments that shimmered with gold leaf, adding a touch of Renaissance splendour. Each piece, a testament to craftsmanship and meticulous detail, carried the essence of old-world artistry infused with modern sensibilities.

But there were more layers to the show than just the clothes: the drama unfolded with a central bed on the runway—an emblem of the collection’s dream-like muse. It marked a convergence of somnolent fantasy with the tangible strands of reality.

As we dove deeper into Reinke’s vision, Yulia Reznikov granted us exclusive access backstage. Through her lens, we glimpsed the controlled chaos: models in mid-transformation, the last-minute tweaks on garments, and glimpses of Reinke’s introspective moments as his dreams materialized.

What emerged was a meticulous ode to the unseen and a celebration of the extraordinary—each garment a narrative thread in the tapestry of Reinke’s wondrous chamber of dreams. This collection wasn’t merely a parade of clothes; it was an intimate journey through the tapestry of human emotion and memory—eternally woven and enshrined within the wardrobe of our psyche.

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Hair: Authentic Beauty Concept (ABC)
Make-Up: Inclover
Styling: Diana Zeravica / Assistant: Aziz Lemkadmi

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