Backstage at Marlon Ferry Spring/Summer 2025

Get ready to delve into the future of fashion as Marlon Ferry unveiled his groundbreaking collection at Berlin Fashion Week. This season marked Ferry’s sensational catwalk debut, showcasing designs that marry cutting-edge technology with haute couture finesse. Our backstage access was captured through the lens of the talented BEN J/YAMIN.

Marlon Ferry, a visionary in the making, seamlessly blends virtual fashion, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence to craft avant-garde streetwear that’s unmistakably couture. His runway show at NEST3 left the audience in awe, presenting pieces that transcend mere clothing and transform into wearable art. Embodying the spirit of KALTBLUT, Ferry’s creations push the envelope, championing a future where technology and fashion coalesce in perfect harmony.

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Backstage photos by BEN J/YAMIN @aminomnar

Ferry’s journey is inspirational, from earning a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design to honing his skills at Iris van Herpen’s prestigious atelier. His dedication to a digitalized workflow ensures both efficiency and environmental responsibility. By using recycled materials, his 3D-printed works emerge as extraordinary, sculptural silhouettes, striking a balance between fashion and high art. Exploring contemporary themes like the human-tech interface, his designs are not just visually stunning but also intellectually provocative.

The photographic magic behind this exclusive backstage glimpse is the work of BEN J/YAMIN. Born in Germany in 1996 to Croatian and Turkish parents, J/YAMIN is a multidisciplinary artist whose expertise spans photography, filmmaking, and writing. A member of Diversify Photo Up Next since 2022 and featured in Juice Magazine, his work continues to gain critical acclaim. His latest photobook has been shortlisted for the 2023 Photobook Dummy Award, and he proudly contributes to Maaars Studio.

catwalk photos by Boris Marberg for #BFW