Backstage at SF1OG Autumn/Winter 2024

Amidst the hallowed halls of Ernst-Reuter-Gymnasium, Berlin Fashion Week bore witness to SF1OG’s exploration of scholastic nostalgia with unveiling of their Autumn/Winter 2024 lineup. To capture the essence of the event for our audience, photographer Adam Siwek delved backstage, documenting the new collection with an eye that merges the mundane and the sublime.

Transporting its audience to an era of youthful academia, SF1OG transformed the gymnasium into a canvas of memories with chalkboards, apples, and school desks serving as the mise-en-scène for the presentation. Resonating with echoes of teenage anthems, soundtracks from the nineties created a soundtrack that both jarred and soothed the senses. Carefully selected by Kyra Sophie Wilhelmseder, a cadre of models from various backgrounds and age brackets manifested the brand’s vision of inclusivity.

Backstage Photography by Adam Siwek

The collection stood as a testament to the brand’s steadfast focus on quality materials and superior craftsmanship, aligning with the ever-important principles of sustainability and forward-thinking design. SF1OG’s unique storytelling was woven through the fabric of each garment, embroiling onlookers in a dynamic interplay of yesteryears and contemporary sensibilities.

In essence, the presentation by SF1OG was a thoughtful excavation of the past, interlaced with the threads of innovation. From the atelier of Rosa Dahl, the event was yet another affirmation of the dedication harboured towards time-honoured craftsmanship, sustainable practices, and the broad embrace of diverse beauty. Embracing the dialogue between past and future, SF1OG continues to defy sartorial boundaries through a bold reimagining of vintage influences to craft distinctive and enduring designs, underscored by a passion for textiles and a penchant for innovative cuts. Each piece is a narrative, meticulously crafted and singular in its story.

Design & Creative Direction @rosamargadahl
Styling @leochrom
Show concept @kyrasophie
Casting @kyrasophie @ihateblund @gossipgoth @smetlana @olgy_call_me
Set design @andreapfff
Makeup @leana.ardeleanu using @officialbyredo @patmcgrathreal
Hair @oribe @jesus_rodriguez_hair @byluciabinta
Brand Manager @jcb_Ing
Sound design @felix.godden @robi_swims
Graphic design @jannimaroscheck

Runway Photo @jamescochranephoto

Design Assistant @onehousenoroof
Design studio interns @jon.millie @timo.mxwl
Management intern @femke312
Styling Assistant @heavywindow
Second assistant @john_k_andrews

Thank you to: @fashioncouncilgermany @senwienbe @drmartensofficial @eastpak @oribe