Backstage @ KALTBLUT #MBFWB Installation. Photography by Milena Zara

#BerlinFashionWeek Backstage @ KALTBLUT Part 2 – photography by Milena Zara. KALTBLUT invited bloggers, press and fashion-lovers to have a close look on new collections by KALTBLUT Fashion Award Winner 2017 Ebby Port, Nico Sutor (Berlin) and Florian Mathé (Berlin – UDK). Miss Milena Zara ia a Berlin born and raised rising photographer with Persian roots. Throughout her youth already she always had a interest in arts – specially photography, design, collages. Special thx to Village Berlin and @peppermintcircus_agency

The first touch with a professional camera just felt natural! Being a socialite in her early years already, she engaged with Berlin´s nightlife and Fashion, always searching her way through the underground scene. Zara developed her own concepts and ideas breaking with the norms of fashion and portrait photography. Since 2017 she is giving her intuitive talent an additional approach by studying photo/design at Berlins Lette Verein.
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