Bande à part by Michael Voropaev

Michael Voropaev is 23 years old and based in Moscow for now. Inspired by the two last decades in Russian culture Voropaev rethought it and is, most part of the time looking for beauty and aesthetic through people and places around him. Bande à part – is a photo-story about young people with quite a particular lifestyle. Loners are rare – in small groups is the way they roam. Their main attribute are old Japanese cars imported in Russia in the 90’s – the type of cars popular among criminals from CIS countries. The project consists of several chapters and highlights only the very turning point in the heroes’ lives. 

I  Industrial zone –
S meets K – Attempt to negotiate – The bag transferred to S 


 Parking on the outskirts –
F calling N – F orders the kidnapping – N makes a decision 


Quiet yard – At the beginning –
K threatens B –
B gives the bag to K 


Abandoned brige –
N carries out the assignment – B wants revenge –
It is not the end


 Old freight station –
B meets S – Both sides are ready to exchange –
K joins with N for the last case

VI  Epilogue –
All who participated in the deal were killed –
N and K are picking up the bag and disappear

 The end

Photographer is  Michael Voropaev.
Models are Katerina Milytinskaya, Sofie Babkina, Nikita Rolik, Nikolay Budanov, Nikita Belousov, Maria Khripunkova.
Equipment Mamiya C33
Film Fujifilm Pro400H, Kodak Portra400
Location Moscow, Russia


Instagram: @mi_fii

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